Testing Center

Course Challenge Exams

Course challenge exams are used to award credit for prior learning and experience to LCSC students. 

The student will meet with staff to ensure they are ready and prepared to challenge an exam.  The student will then pay a fee of $70 to LCSC.  This fee can be paid in person to the cashier in the Administration Building or paid online.  The student will turn in the signed Course Challenge Form and receipt for payment to the LCSC Testing Center and make an appointment to test.  Credit will be awarded, if passed. 

Student who are not local may also challenge an exam.  The student will talk with staff via email or phone to ensure they are prepared.  The staff will turn in the Course Challenge Form to the LCSC Testing Center.  The student will pay the $70 fee online.  Next, the student must find a qualified person to serve as a proctor, consult the Proctor Qualifications list to see who can serve as a proctor.  Once a proctor is found the student will fill out the Proctor Request Form.  This form should be submitted at least one week prior to the date the student wants to test.  The test and instructions will be sent via email to an approved proctor.  Upon completion of the test, the Testing Center will return the test to the instructor for grading.  Credit will be awarded, if passed.

LCSC now charges a 2.5% non-refundable service fee for credit/debit card transactions.

Challenge Exams

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Challenge Exams are designed by LCSC faculty with expertise in the subject area to assess your prior knowledge of the learning outcomes of a particular course. If you believe you have mastered the course learning outcomes through experience, independent study, or other means, you may petition to challenge a course for credit.