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ALEKS - Math Placement Exam

ALEKS Testing Student Instructions

ALEKS is a computerized Math placement test. 

Please contact the LCSC campus Testing Center to schedule an appointment to take the proctored exam.  

Appointments are required.  

How do I take the aleks math placement test?

  1. Contact the LCSC campus Testing Center to make an appointment for your proctored test.
  2. Create your ALEKS account and pay the $20 (plus tax) fee to ALEKS with a credit or debit card.
    • Take the unproctored practice test and utilize the Prep and Learning modules for more practice
  3. Pay the $5 proctroring fee to LCSC.  This fee can be paid online or to the LCSC Cashier in the Administration Building.  
    • LCSC now charges a 2.5% non-refundable service fee for credit/debit card transactions.
  4. Arrive at your test appointment 10 minutes early for check-in and bring all required items.

For information about taking the ALEKS Math Placement Exam at a location other that the LCSC campus Testing Center see further down this page to the heading "CAN I TAKE THE ALEKS TEST FOR LCSC AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION?".


If the exam is taken at the LCSC campus Testing Center or the Grangeville or Orofino Outreach Center:

  • $20 (plus tax) is paid with a debit or credit card to ALEKS online when creating your account.  This includes 1 unproctored (practice) and 2 proctored exams and access to the online Prep and Learning modules for six months.  
  • $5 per proctored exam is paid online or to the LCSC Cashier in the Administration building before taking your proctored exam.

If you do not have a credit or debit card or your test is being paid for with a voucher, please contact the LCSC Testing Center for further instructions, 208-792-2100 or via email.  Do not proceed with creating an account with the course code listed on this page.

If the proctored exam is taken at a different testing site, the student is responsible for paying to ALEKS the $20 fee as well as that sites proctoring fee.


Students must make an account on the ALEKS website prior to arriving for the proctored exam.

  1. Students will go to the ALEKS website and click on the yellow box that reads "New Student? SIGN UP NOW!". You will need access to a credit or debit card when creating your account.  If you do not have access to a credit or debit card, please contact the Testing Center at 208-792-2100 before attempting to create an account.
  2. On the next screen there is a box with the heading "USING ALEKS WITH A CLASS?" You will enter the Course Code: DW9QH-3MHLK in this box.  Do not use the link under "Using Aleks On Your Own?" box. 
    • If the Career & Advising Services office gave you a course code different than listed above, please use that code and inform the Testing Center you were given this code when making your appointment.
  3. The next screen is to confirm your school name; it should read Lewis-Clark State College.  Click the continue button to advance.  
  4. On the "Welcome to Aleks!" page you will choose "I have never used ALEKS before or I do not have an ALEKS login name", and click continue. 
  5. On the next screen you will click on "Purchase your access".  Enter your billing/personal information and click review order.  You will then enter your payment information and purchase access to the Aleks system for a $20 (plus tax) fee.
    • If you do not have a credit/debit card, do not create an account.  Contact the LCSC Testing Center, 208-792-2100.
  6. On the "Your Receipt and Account Information" page print this page to bring with you to your appointment and then click the Continue Sign Up box to complete your registration.
  7. Complete the Survey and the Tools Tutorial after you are registered.  See the next section "I Have Created My Aleks Account, Now What Do I Do?" for more information on how to proceed after you are done with the survey and tutorials.

I have created my aleks account, now what do i do?

After completing the survey and tools tutorials you will come to a screen that says: "Up Next, Placement Assessment 1" and in smaller letters "Unproctored".  From this point there are two options available to you.

Option 1: Take an unproctored test for practice before taking the proctored test (RECOMMENDED)
Click the "Get Started" button and take an unproctored test at home.  This is a practice test and does not count toward your college placement.  Do NOT get outside help, take this practice test as if it was a real test.  After you complete an unproctored test at home you will be assigned some Prep and Learning Modules to get even more practice.  After completing the unproctored test and the Prep and Learning Modules call and make an appointment to take your proctored ALEKS exam.  Testers can take the proctored exam two times.

Option 2: Skip the Unproctored Test and take the Proctored placement test
If you do not want to take the unproctored test for practice first and do the Prep and Learning Modules for even more practice you can skip it. Though this is an option, it is not the recommended option.  After completing the tutorials do NOT click on the "Get Started Button" for the unproctored test.  Log out and close the website and call to make an appointment for your proctored test.  After completing the first proctored test you will be given access to Prep and Learning Modules that you can do on your own at home for practice.  You can then take your proctored test a second time, if you chose, in an attempt to place higher.

What do i bring with me to my proctored exam appointment?

  1. Receipt from ALEKS for the $20 (plus tax).
  2. Receipt from the $5 proctoring fee, if paid to the cashier.  If paid online a receipt is emailed to the Testing Center.
  3. Current, valid picture id.
  4. Aleks user name and password


  • Any Career and Technical program applicant
  • Academic applicants (21 years and over) who have never taken the ACT or SAT or have not taken a placement test within the past five years are highly encouraged to take ALEKS for adequate math placement. 
  • Applicants under age 21 with an ACT or SAT score that want to attempt to place into a higher math class.
  • Transfer students with 14 or fewer credits and are not transferring any math credits


You have 48 hours to complete the unproctored test.

You are given 2 hours to complete the proctored test.


Test scores are available immediately after testing.  Student will receive one copy of their proctored test results at the Testing Center to take to Admissions or their advisor.


Students at LCSC are allowed to take a proctored ALEKS exam twice.  There is also an option for testers to take an unproctored exam at home for practice before taking their proctored exam.  Please see the section above titled "I Have Created My Aleks Account, Now What Do I Do?" for further information.

Students are not allowed to register for and start a math class and then come take the ALEKS exam to place higher.

Retakes will also be allowed for any of the following reasons:

  • Interference with the testing process caused by problems with technology
  • Distractions during testing
  • Health issues
  • Similar factors as judged by the exam proctor
  • Documentation of successful completion of an Adult Learning Center course in the content area in which a student wishes to retest will serve as justification for one additional ALEKS retake.

Can i take the aleks test for lcsc at a different location?

Yes.  Below are several different options available to students who cannot come to the LCSC campus Testing Center.

  • Students will need to find a qualified proctor and fill out a proctor request form.  This form must be sent in a minimum of 1 week prior to the anticipated testing date to ensure adequate time to fulfill the request.  Students will need to create their ALEKS accounts using LCSC's course code, DW9QH-3MHLK.  Follow all directions under the above heading, "How Do I Create My Aleks Account" to create your account. The LCSC Testing Center will send required information to the proctor.  Students are responsible for paying the $20 (plus tax) fee to ALEKS and any fee their proctoring site charges.
  • Students can also contact the Grangeville or Orofino Outreach Center for an appointment for the ALEKS exam.  Students are responsible for paying the $20 fee to ALEKS and the $5 proctoring fee to LCSC.

There are two LCSC locations the test can be taken with no additional proctoring fee, students will only be responsible for paying the $20 (plus tax) fee to ALEKS.  Students that want to test at one of the two locations listed below must contact that office to make an appointment.

Brock Astle
Coeur d’Alene
Jody Neuberger
208.666.6707 ext. 1


Yes, please contact your school first to get the information needed to create your ALEKS account with their course code and to request the proctor code be sent to LCSC.  After you have contacted your school to arrange for the exam to be taken at LCSC, contact the LCSC Testing Center to make an appointment.  


Yes, please follow the procedures below.

Print the Authorization to Share ALEKS Test Results form*.

Fill out the form in its entirety and be sure to sign and date the bottom.  Original signature is required, digital signature is not acceptable.

Send the form to the Testing Center via email, fax or deliver it in person. 

  • email: testing@lcsc.edu
  • fax: 208-792-2564
  • Library Room 161

* The LCSC Testing Center must have the Authorization to Share ALEKS Test Results form on file before any results are sent. 

Lewis-Clark State College
Testing Center
Library Room 161
Phone: 208-792-2100 or 1-800-879-0453
Fax: 208-792-2564
Email: testing@lcsc.edu