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Writing Placement Exam (WPE) - English

Writing Placement Exam (WPE) - English

The Writing Placement Exam will be a timed (one hour) writing exam, taken in the Testing Center on the LCSC Campus and will cost a total of $15. The fee is to be paid online or to the Cashier in the Administration Building.

Students will have 1 hour to write an essay about the prompt they are given.  Topics are randomly assigned by Testing Center Staff.

Scoring of the exams will be done by English faculty members who are knowledgeable about the expectations for students’ writing skills upon entering LCSC English courses.  

Once the essays are scored, the reviewer will place you in one of the following:

1: ENGL 101 College Writing and ENGL 103 Writing Workshop: the co-requisite, one-credit workshop. 

2. ENGL 101 College Writing.

3. ENGL 102 Research Writing.  Upon successful completion of 101 with a grade of C or better, the student also earns ENGL 101 competency credits.

Please call the Testing Center at 208-792-2100 to schedule an appointment to take the Writing Placement Exam, Appointments are required.  

What do i bring with me to my appointment for my english placement test?

  1. Receipt for $15 payment
  2. Current, valid picture ID

Who can to take the Writing Placement Exam (WPE) to attend LCSC?

Any Career and Technical program applicant

Academic applicants (21 years and over) who have never taken the ACT or SAT or have not taken a placement test within the past five years are highly encouraged to take the WPE for adequate English placement. 

Academic applicants under age 21 that want to try to place into an English class different from what their ACT or SAT placed them into.

Transfer students with 14 or fewer credits who are not transferring any English credits

When will i know what english class i placed into?

Students will be notified of their placement via email within 3 business days of submitting the placement exam.

Can I take the LCSC Writing placement Exam (WPE) at a different location for lcsc?

Yes.  Students are required to pay the LCSC Cashier $10 for the Writing Placement Exam (WPE), no matter where they take the test, outside of the LCSC Campus.  This payment is to be made online. Students not able to test at the LCSC campus Testing Center have several options:

  1. Students can find a qualified proctor.  Once a proctor is found students will fill out the proctor request form. The test instructions will be sent to the proctor via email, and students will get an email confirmation once the information has been sent out.  Students are responsible for the proctor's fee at their chosen location as well as LCSC's fee for the test.
  2. Students can contact one of the pre-approved Outreach Centers to make an appointment. Students are responsible for the proctoring fee at their chosen Outreach Center as well as LCSC's $10 fee for the test.
  3. There are two LCSC locations where students can take this test with no additional proctoring fee: one in Boise and the other in Coeur d'Alene.  Students are responsible for paying LCSC's $10 fee for the test. Contact the office in your location to set up an appointment.
Brock Astle
Boise, ID
Jody Neuberger
Coeur d'Alene, ID
208.666.6707 ext 1

Can I take lcsc writing placement exam (WPE) and transer the results to a different school?

No, this writing placement exam is for internal use at LCSC only.

Writing Placement Exam Retake Policy

  • Interference with the testing process caused by problems with technology
  • Distractions during testing
  • Health issues
  • Similar factors as judged by the exam proctor
  • Documentation of successful completion of an Adult Learning Center course in the content area in which a student wishes to retest will serve as justification for one additional WPE retake. 

If a student feels he/she has been inaccurately placed via the WPE, he/she will be allowed to seek alternative placement through an exam administered by the Director of Writing in the Humanities Division. 

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