Technical & Industrial Division

Tool List Auto Mechanics Technology

ELT - Entry Level Tool  
12 volt automotive test light Hammer - ball peen, 16 oz.
Ear protectors (headset) Dead blow hammer (soft hammer)
Pair of adequate work shoes (all leather type) Air tire pressure gauge and 1 air chuck
Circuit tester - test light, 6 volt - 12 volt 1 awl, standard 6"
Eye protection - safety glasses Measuring tape, 25'
Gauge - feeler, .0015" - .035" Interlocking/ adjustable joint 12" pliers
Gauge - feeler, spark plug Needle nose 7 1/4" pliers
Diagonal cutting 7 1/4" pliers Vice Grips 10" or buy a set and save $
Brake spring pliers 13" (see instructor) Brake shoe hold down spring remover
1 scraper, gasket type Standard at least 5 sized to include Stubby
Torx drivers T10, T15, T25, T27 Tool storage box (min. 6 drawers roll-a-way bottom box)
3/8" spark plug socket 5/8" 3/8" drive spark plug socket 13/16"
Jumper wires - 2' to 3' with 12 gauge wire 3/8" drive metric sockets 6mm - 22mm
Combination 6" pliers 3/8" drive metric deep sockets 6mm - 19mm 0 or 12 point
Phillips #1, #2, #3 to include Stubby Hand wrenches, metric comb, 8mm - 24 mm 17 individual wrenches

1/2" drive socket set with ratchet also to include:

Hand wrenches, combination 1/4" - 1" 12 - 17 individual wrenches

1/2" drive sockets set 3/8" through 1"
3/8" SAE sockets 3/8" - 3/4" 12 points Seal picks
3/8" drive SAE standard flex sockets 3/8" - 3/4" 12 point 3/8" drive metric flex sockets 6mm - 19mm 6 points
3/8" impact sockets SAE 3/8" drive torque wrench (inch pounds)
1/2" drive impact sockets 7/16" through 1 1/8", 6 points Flare/tubing wrenches 1/4" - 7/8" about 5 individual wrenches
Flare/tubing wrenches 9mm - 17mm about 5 individual wrenches Allen wrenches (hex) 5/64-1/2"
Allen wrenches (hex) 1.5mm - 12mm Stubby combination wrenches SAE as per set
Gear wrenches metric as per set  
Files, 6 piece set Vernier Caliper, dial or digital
Engine compression tester - screw, type flex hose or quick disconnection type remote starter switch
Vacuum pump, hand held, i.e. MIGHT VAC 3 battery service tools, i.e. post cleaner, side terminal wrench, terminal remover
Air blow gun, OSHA approved Digital volt Ohm meter, prefer automotive type
Advance timing light Extendable magnet
Inspection mirror Pocket thermometer anti-static wrist strap
Chisel 8 piece set Chisel holder
Punches 5 piece set Pin punches 5 piece set
Brass punch 2 piece set Rolling head pry bar 16" long
Micrometer outside 1" Micrometer outside metric 0-25mm
Flashlight - your choice of size Gauge, feeler 45 degree angle .0015" - .035"
2 thread pitch guages, one metric and one SAE Hacksaw frame and at least 3 blades
Oil pump can, trigger type Brass Hammer
Hammer, ball peen 40 oz.


ELT SET 3/8" Drive Socket sets to include:
  3/8" drive ratchet and sockets 5/16" to 3/4"
  3/8" drive universal joint
ELT SET 3/8" drive SAE deep sockets 5/16"-1"
  3/8" drive Air Ratchet to 30 ft. lbs.
  3/8" drive Air Impact Wrench
  3/8" drive Impact Sockets Metric
ELT  TWO 3/8" extensions ONE EACH 1", 3", 6", 12", 36"
SET 1/4" Socket set to include ratchet, extensions, Socket Metric & SAE, & Deep sockets
  1/4" Air Ratchet
ELT SET 1/2" drive socket set 10mm through 27mm
  1/2" drive Breaker bar 18" long
  1/2" drive Universal Joint
  1/2" drive Extension 6"
  1/2" drive Extension 10" or 12"
SET 1/2" drive SAE (standard) Deep Sockets 7/16" through 1 1/8", 6 point
  1/2" drive Impact Wrench
SET 1/2" drive Impact Socket Metric 10mm-27mm
  1/2" drive Torque Wrench (ft. lbs.)

Entry Level Tool List (ELT)

Entry level tool sets may or may not be as complete as those listed on the complete tool list. You must have some of the set and complete the set as you progress in the courses. Consult with your advisor before purchasing tools if possible. In addition to the ELT tools is the list of tools required for the duration of the program. Sets that are listed are an economical way to purchase tools.

Each Fall there is a tool fair that will give students the opportunity to purchase tools from a variety of vendors at a discounted rate. The tool fair is held the first Friday of the Fall semester.