Technical & Industrial Division

Tool List Engineering Technology

Circle template, Rapidesign #140 Isometric template, Rapidesign #123
Isometric template, Rapidesign #124 Irregular (French) short curve
Irregular (French) long curve 4 Pentel pencils, 0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.3mm
Disposable technical pens, 0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.3mm (or equiv.) Universal compass adapter
Compass Divider
Graph Paper - 1/8" grid Lead holder for 0.078" diameter lead
2 sticks of 0.078" diameter lead in 2H, 3H, 6H Box of lead, H in size 0.9mm, 0.7mm, 0.5mm. 0.3mm
Box of plastic lead in sizes 0.9mm, 0.7mm, 0.5mm Triangle - 30/60
Triangle - 45 degree Adjustable Triangle
Protractor Triangular architect's scale
Triangular engineer's scale Triangular metric scale
Ames lettering guide Eraser (white plastic)
Metal erasing shield Dusting brush
Roll drafting or masking tape (small) Calculator & flash drive