Technical & Industrial Division

First Year 
*1 Box of lead, H, in sizes 0.7mm & 0.5mm Ames lettering guide
*3 Pentel pencils; 0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.3mm Caliper (dial or digital)
*Adjustable triangle Circle template, Rapidesign, #140
*Calculator Irregular (French) long curve
*Dusting brush Irregular (French) short curve
*Engineering compass Isometric template, Rapidesign, #123
*Engineer's pad (1/8" squared graph paper) Isometric template, Rapidesign, #124
*Eraser (white plastic) Personal computer
*Metal erasing shield Protractor
*Metric scale Sandpaper pad
*Roll drafting/masking tape (small) Universal compass adapter
*Triangular Architect's scale  
*Triangular Engineer's scale  
Second Year - All Fields of Interest Second Year - Civil Emphasis - Not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. (For outside lab activities)
*1” Micrometer that can read to .0001” Weather-proof jacket
*6” Digital calipers Boots
*6” Machinist flexible steel rule, 4R or 5R scales Gloves
*Machinist calculator Hat and/or sunglasses
Items with * are mandatory