Technical & Industrial Division

Industrial Maintenance & Millwright Tool Kit

4" Sander/Grinder Pliers - Needle nose
Alligator clips for multi-meter Pliers - Side cutters
Ammeter (if not included in other meter) Pliers - 8" (or vise grips)
Carbide Tipped Scriber Pocket level
Center Punch Putty knife
Chipping Hammer Rod Pouches (optional)
Combination Square Safety glasses
Ear Plugs Scientific calculator, TI-30
Fillet weld gauge set Scratch Awl
Flashlight - Mini-mag Screwdriver - combination (4-in-1)
Hammer - claw, 16 oz. Socket set, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch
Hex key set Striker or Spark Lighter & Tip Cleaners (standard set)
Leather Apron (covering waist to ankles) Tape measure, 25 foot
Leather gloves Tool pouch
Leather High Top Boots Utility knife
Leather Jacket (covering arms & chest to apron) Welding & Cutting Goggles with Lens Shade #4 or #5
Lock for Locker Welding Gloves
Metal Gauge Welding Helmet & Lens Shade #10,#11 or #12
Multimeter kit (Ohms, Volts, MFD, Temp, Amps) Wire Brush
Nut driver set Wrap Around
Pliers - Arc joint Wrench - adjustable end wrench, 12 inch
Pliers - 12" Lineman Wrench - adjustable end, 8 inch