Technical & Industrial Division

Tool List Welding Technology

ELT (Entry Level Tools)  
Wrap Around 10" or 12" Crescent
Metal Gauge Wire Brush
Center Punch Welding Gloves
8" Pliers or Vise Grips 16' Tape Measure
Carbide Tipped Scriber 12" Lineman Pliers
Leather Jacket (covering arms & chest to apron) Leather Apron (covering waist to ankles)
Chipping Hammer Leather High Top Boots
Ear Plugs Welding Helmet & Lens Shade #10,#11 or #12
Safety Glasses Scientific Calculator
Striker or Spark Lighter & Tip Cleaners
(standard set)
Welding & Cutting Goggles with Lens Shade #4 or #5
4" Sander/Grinder Combination Square
Lock for Locker Rod Pouches (optional)
Fillet weld gauge set  

Students must have their entry level tools by the first day of class.

There is a student discount on all tools at Oxarc, Norco, and A.L. Gasses.