Technical & Industrial Division

Welding Technology Tool Kit


10" or 12" Crescent Wrench

Leather Jacket (covering arms & chest to apron)

12" Lineman Pliers

Lock for Locker

16' Tape Measure

Metal Gauge

4" Sander/Grinder

Rod Pouches (optional)

8" Pliers or Vise Grips

Safety Glasses

Carbide Tipped Scriber

Scientific Calculator

Center Punch

Striker or Spark Lighter & Tip Cleaners (standard set)

Chipping Hammer

Welding & Cutting Goggles with Lens Shade #4 or #5

Combination Square

Welding Gloves

Ear Plugs

Welding Helmet & Lens Shade #10,#11 or #12

Fillet weld gauge set

Wire Brush

Leather Apron (covering waist to ankles)

Wrap Around

Leather High Top Boots