Members of the Warrior Entertainment Board with arms around each other

Warrior Entertainment Board

The Warrior Entertainment Board (WEB) brings fun and entertainment to the campus for the LCSC student body and others to enjoy.  These events include concerts, movies, lectures, comedy nights, dances, magic shows, hypnotists, and numerous other special events.

**Update: WEB has immediate openings for the following paid positions for the 2014-15 school year: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Media Relations, Music Lead, Comedy Lead, Special Events Lead, and Technical Lead. Pick up an application for any of the positions in room 218 at the Student Union Building and return to Student Activities Coordinator Brandon Lytle in room 208 at the SUB.**

WEB is composed of students who enjoying helping with student entertainment. Board members have the opportunity to become visible in the community, earn college credit, receive practical experience in participation in meetings and the business environment, build a dynamic resume, become better acquainted with college administrators and faculty, and experience college budgeting practices. Students work in the following entertainment areas: music, comedy-lectures, films, special events, and cultural programs Come check out the opportunities and join the fun by contacting Student Activities.

This organization welcomes any student input regarding events scheduled.