Warrior Entertainment Board

Warrior Entertainment Board Members

 Here are the WEB Leads for the 2016-17 school year

Postion Name E-Mail
Chair Duncan Christman dschristman@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Vice-Chair of Operations Eric Coffelt ercoffelt@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Vice-Chair of Programs Zach Dreier ztdreier@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Media Lead Mateo Cerda mjcerda@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Comedy/Lecture Lead Kerrin McMillen kwmcmillen@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Music Lead Kaitie Blalock krblalock@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Special Events Lead Cody Richmond ctrichmond@lcmail.lcsc.edu
Tech Lead Imer Alibegic ialibegic@lcmail.lcsc.edu













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