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Want to know what is goin gon this semester? Essential dates can be found on the calendar. While the staff tries to keep students up-to-date on all program dates and opportunities, some events may not be listed.

Schedule and Planners

Work Scholars must balance their school, work, and personal lives. The Work Scholars Office encourages students to utilize personal planners to organize their day-to-day activities, weekly events, and semester goals.


Timecards are due to the Work Scholars office biweekly and can be filled out online. Work Scholars staff track student hours to make sure students complete the required 170 hours of work throughout the semester. Please note your Work Scholars agreement is only for 170 hours of work during the semester. All other work must be compensated by the worksite, minimal wage laws apply!

If you want to know when timecards are due, then please refer to the Work Scholars Calendar. If you have questions about the number of hours you have worked, then please contact the Work Scholars staff.

Performance Reviews

Work Scholars are required to meet with their worksite supervisor and academic supervisor throughout the semester. These meetings happen three times throughout the semester and are the responsibility of the student to schedule. Before students meet for their performance rewiews, they are expected to complete a self evaluation. Students are evaluated on the Work Scholars' Seven Performance Evaluations. 

During these evaluations, students, superivors, and advisors have the opportunity to address any concerns or problems the student may be having, connect classroom education to worksite education, and make key changes in the student's education in order to best suit their future goals.

LC Work Scholar Grievance Policy & Procedure

LC Work Scholars (students) who seek to formally resolve a dispute or disagreement regarding a decision or action affecting them may do so by contacting the LC Work Scholars program Director. The program Director will provide a copy of, review, and answer any questions the student has regarding the Grievance policy and procedures.

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