Work Scholars

Ready to become an LC Work Scholar?

Benefits of Becoming an LC Work Scholar

  • Receive a $ 6,618 scholarship each year
  • Receive a $ 1,500 stipend each year
  • Gain on-the-job experience
  • Develop a professional network

Am I Eligible?

Students are eligible if they...*

  • Are Idaho residents
  • Are 2- or 4-year degree seeking students
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Are full-time undergraduates with LCSC** 
  • Have sophomore or higher standing (26 credits or more)
  • Demonstrate financial need*** by having either:
    • Full or partial Pell Grant eligibility
    • an EFC less than or equal to $7,992 as determined by your 2018-2019 FASFA
      (for questions regarding EFC or FASFA please contact Financial Aid)

*In situations where eligibility is unclear, eligibility may be reviewed by the LC Work Scholars Eligibility Committee. 
**Maintaining at least 12 credit hours through LCSC during service period.
***Eligibility for LC Work Scholars may be subject to review if student receives resources in excess of $3750 per semester ($7500 per year) from scholarships, grants (other than Pell), outside agencies, etc.

How Does it Work?

  • Students interview with worksites in their career field
  • Selected students work on- or off-campus during academic year
  • Program openings vary semester to semester
  • Students receive tuition scholarship and bi-weekly stipend to cover expenses
  • Students benefit from additional advising and mentoring
  • Students may apply for internship to receive credit for work
  • Volunteer service is required of all Work Scholars

How Many Hours Will I Work?

  • Students work the equivalent of 10 hours/week during academic year
  • Worksites may hire their students for up to an additional 8 hours each week during the academic year (students are compensated by the worksite directly for these additional hours - minimal wage laws apply)
  • Worksites are encouraged to hire their Work Scholar during summer and winter breaks

How Do I Find a Job?

  • Students submit an application and resume to the program office
  • Eligible students interview with LC Work Scholars program office
  • Students apply for positions based on major and career interest
  • Read openings for a list of current worksites
  • Work site supervisors conduct interviews and make final hiring decision

How Do I Apply?

  • Students may apply once each semester by completing the Work Scholar Application (found on Applications & Forms page) and submitting a current resume during the student application window listed on the application.
  • Want to know what jobs will be available next semester? Check out our list of current worksites.
  • Departments and businesses apply throughout the year, so we know you will be given great opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Email us if you have questions.

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Note: Students cannot receive federal, state or JOB work-study payments while serving as a Work Scholar.


If a student is accepted into the LC Work Scholars program and chooses to receive the LC Work Scholar scholarship, they will lose their eligibility to receive LCSC merit based scholarships (Presidential, Provost, Dean, etc.), LCSC Foundation funded merit based scholarships, and the Laura Moore Cunningham Scholarship. In this way, scholarship funds may be disbursed more broadly. Typically, external financial aid - including Pell Grants and external grants - will not be affected.