Work Scholars

Brandon Beeson – The Marketer

November 20, 2015

LEWISTON, Idaho – Work Scholars is in its first semester and its students are off to a great start. Junior Brandon Beeson of Lewiston has been working as Events and Campus Cards' Marketing Assistant since the start of the semester and has already made a big impact.

Among his many responsibilities, Brandon has made new signs to hang outside the SUB’s east entrance. The eye-catching signs put a fresh face on the building’s entrance and also highlights LCSC’s new logo.

Thanks to his automated manufacturing technology major, his site supervisor Julie Crea has been delighted with what he has already accomplished, "Brandon's creativity has been an asset to our department.  He hit the ground running with the creation of table tents, flyers, and metal work." Brandon is thankful for the opportunity saying, “I would not have had that opportunity to go through that manufacturing process of building the signs if it wasn’t for Julie. It’s been helpful both ways.”

Brandon Working

As a Work Scholar, Brandon’s confidence in his choice of major has grown.  Brandon came into LCSC not knowing what he wanted to study. “I always knew I enjoyed graphics and graphic design… Being able to use computers to design things was always interesting to me. I think that actually propelled me into the degree I am in now, because it is like graphic design, but you actually get to build things after you design them. It’s not just a picture.” 

Brandon is also a business administration minor and says he has learned a lot from his Work Scholars position. “I’ve learned marketing skills and how you advertise to different demographics; students or businesses. Julie has been teaching me a lot of that.”

Before moving to Idaho his senior year of high school, Brandon’s parents owned a property management company in Ohio, and the entrepreneurial spirit did not fall from this buckeye tree. Brandon wants to own a business, and having marketing skills will come in handy. “I’m always interested in business. Marketing is the most essential part of business, I think. If you can’t market, then you can’t sell.” The skills Brandon is learning at the SUB through Work Scholars will continue with him well beyond LCSC.

“The Work Scholars program has made me more marketable.”

Brandon admits the Work Scholars scholarship drew him to the program originally. However, the program has given him much more than just money. “The Work Scholars program has made me more marketable.” Whether he starts his own business or works at Boeing as an aviation manufacturer, another dream job of his, Brandon is  glad he is a part of Work Scholars.

Work Scholars work 10 hours a week during the academic year and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in exchange for a tuition scholarship and stipend. This one-of-a-kind program in Idaho is funded by the Idaho State Legislature. Fall 2016 students and worksites applications will be available in mid-Spring 2016. All departments and divisions are encouraged to apply. Off campus businesses are encouraged to contact Erin Cassetto at (208) 792-2084 or Further information can be found on the Work Scholars information page.

The SUB offers students a broad array of services including laptop rentals and poster production. The SUB also holds many student organizations, clubs, and services. Likewise, it has great study and hangout areas. There are also conference rooms for on- and off- campus meetings.

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