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Jenna Hatfield - Resourceful Organizations

November 11, 2016

LCSC Senior Jenna Hatfield, from Lewiston, ID, is ready to jump feet first into the work force after a year and half in the Work Scholars program working for LCSC’s Human Resource Office. After graduating with a Business Management degree this fall, Hatfield is excited to do, “anything in HR (Human Resources) or business management.”

As a Work Scholar, Hatfield coordinated the LCSC Employee Benefits Fair for the last two years. Managing the fair sparked an interest in employee benefits and inspired Hatfield to seek opportunities on campus and in the community to learn more about wellness. This semester Hatfield opted to take a health promotion class. Hatfield feels the class has enhanced her degree and has informed her work as a Work Scholar. 

In 2015, “We had a really good turnout, about 200 employees came. I just hope to continue to grow the fair,” explained Hatfield. This year, the Employee Benefits Fair grew to a record 39 vendors showcasing healthcare, banks, gyms, and opportunities to save employees money; up from just 32 vendors the prior year. For Hatfield, the fair is about finding “cool benefits out in the community that [employees] might not know about” and sharing the benefits with the campus, Hatfield said reflecting on the fair. 

Hatifield In HR Office

Because of her experience organizing the fair, Hatfield has “grown to love and want[s] to learn more about [wellness]. That’s the part of HR that I really ended up enjoying.” Last spring, she helped run the ‘Rock the Walk’ employee walk-a-thon. “It’s nice to be able to give [employees] a chance to break from work and get some exercise. It was fun to see everyone walk-battling and getting competitive!”

"Work Scholars helped me be debt free."

To gain more community-relations and promotion skills, Hatfield updates and edits the wellness website, and she runs the LCSC Warrior Wellness Facebook page to inform people about community events and activities to stay active and healthy outside of work.

Beyond the value of the real-life work experience, “Work Scholars helped me be debt free,” and “I don’t feel like I’m working my life away anymore.” Post graduation, Hatfield is looking forward to working for a local communications business; a connection she made while organizing the numerous vendors for the Benefits Fair.

For further information about the LC Work Scholars Program, contact Coordinator Erin Cassetto at (208) 792-2084 or

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