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Kristen Gordon - Educator of Tomorrow-Teaching Today

January 10, 2017

Kristen Gordon, elementary education major, has been hard at work in LCSC’s Math and Science Tutoring Center as the Lead Developmental Math Tutor. Over the last 18 months, Gordon has excelled as a tutor helping students learn. Soon, Gordon will add another layer of teaching experience to her resume when “she gets involved in helping to train the tutors,” forecasts Math Lab Coordinator Suzanne Rousseau.

With the encouragement of Rousseau, Gordon has attended additional math classes in order to better support math students. Gordon notes, “It’s good for tutors to understand what the teacher wants, explicitly, on the homework.” By doing so, Gordon is able to rearticulate concepts professors introduce to students, and she is able to relay information more precisely.

Kristen Helping A Student

By attending additional classes, Gordon is also learning teaching methods. Being able to observe numerous methods, “I have a better idea of what I should do as a math teacher.” Her Work Scholars experience is helping her develop ideas and skills for her future classrooms. “If I try to explain something and [students] still aren’t understanding it, then I can think, ‘Maybe I should go about this a different route.’ Usually it takes one or two tries and then they get it.” Gordon has grown, gained patience with students, and has expanded her teaching abilities.

Initially, Gordon wanted to teach primary grades, but has reassessed because of her experience in the Math Lab. “I really want to teach the higher middle school math classes,” Gordon recalls about becoming a middle school math teacher. “I started to get this feeling that I belong in the higher classes with the students who really struggle with math.” Gordon understands the stress math puts on many people, and when asked how math is useful after college she “encourage[s] them to focus on math that applies to their field.”

"Kristen approaches everything she does with a level of 
enthusiasm that is going to make her an amazing teacher."

Rousseau has no doubt Gordon will excel in any teaching environment. “Kristen approaches everything she does with a level of enthusiasm that is going to make her an amazing teacher.” Gordon plans to take her teaching experience to the Boise area by 2018.


No appointments are necessary, and tutors are able to assist students in math, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, and computer science. For more information, contact Math Lab Coordinator Suzanne Rousseau or check out their schedule.

For further information about the LC Work Scholars Program, contact Coordinator Erin Cassetto at (208) 792-2084 or

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