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Moriah Hale - Work Scholars "Step Up" to Challenges

February 19, 2016

LEWISTON, Idaho – Moriah Hale will be one of the first Work Scholars to graduate. Currently, a senior paralegal major, Hale works in the Student Counseling Center as a peer advocate coordinator. She is involved in many different aspects of the counseling center, most importantly she helped launch the new “Warrior Step-Up” program.

Warrior Step-Up is a bystander prevention training. Many students do not always know how to handle awkward or difficult situations. Whether the students, “witness someone getting hurt or in an awkward situation,” Moriah explains, Warrior Step-Up “lets them know what steps they can take to alleviate the problem.” 

The program’s foremost goal is safety. Hale emphasizes that in order for everyone to be safe, everyone needs to know how to react. Because this is a peer-helping-peers program, trained students will be able to train their peers. Workshops begin later this semester.

Moriah Graduating

Hale is also involved in Student Support Networks, a six week training course learning about suicide prevention, the signs of depression, anxiety, and how to be aware of people and their behaviors. “We talk about how to talk with people and how to empathize and help steer them towards help.” Ultimately, these trainings enable students to be aware of their peers and their surroundings in order to make a safer and healthier environment.

Hale’s Work Scholar position lead her to be the LCSC editor for the online magazine Student Health 101. The magazine is new to campus but has a national following at many major universities. Articles include healthy recipes, bystander prevention, how to pay for school, and articles written by LCSC students that relate directly to the LCSC community.

"The Work Scholars program has done a lot to boost Moriah’s confidence in her abilities."

With all that Hale does for her Student Counseling Center she believes her position has made her more confident. Her academic advisor Joni Mina agrees, “the Work Scholars program has done a lot to boost Moriah’s confidence in her abilities.” Hale attributes this to everyone in the office being, “super nice. I can go to them with my problems, and they won’t tell me what to do, but they’ll give me different advice.” These recommendations reinforce Hale’s good work. “It makes me feel like my job is easier.” Work Scholars has even helped her be more organized. Compared to previous semesters, last semester, she says, “I was a lot better at getting [assignments] done ahead of time, because that’s what I had to do at work.” Both of these contribute to Hale’s great success.

The Student Counseling Center offers free services to all students and is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. College can be a major challenge for many students, and depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns are fairly common among today’s college students. If you or someone you know is experiencing any personal or mental health issues please encourage them to make an appointment and speak with a professional counselor at a time that fits into their schedule.

For further information about the LC Work Scholars Program, contact Work Scholars Coordinator Erin Cassetto at (208) 792-2084 or

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