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Idaho Apprenticeships are training programs where you earn wages while learning the theory and skills of a specific trade, such as Electrical, HVAC, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright and Plumbing. You receive on-the-job training provided by your employer (while earning a wage) and learn the theories of your trade through technical classroom, correspondence, or in some cases, online. Apprentice training is much like taking traditional academic courses in that it takes several years to complete the training in the skills trade you have chosen. In the case of apprentices, after the completion of theory based training and the completion of the required hours of on-the-job training, the apprentice may take the journeyman examination.

A journeyman of any skills trade makes more money than an apprentice and may lead to promotions into supervision, management or potentially owning your own business. Becoming a skilled journeyman is a respected achievement in the skills trades, as well as industry.

LCSC Workforce Training delivers Electrical, HVACIndustrial Mechanic/Millwright and Plumbing apprentice training throughout Region II. All apprentices working in these skills trades must be registered with the Idaho Division of Building Safety and be enrolled in an approved theory based training course. LCSC Workforce Training’s apprentice programs are approved training programs in the state of Idaho.

You will receive instruction from journeymen of your trade who have long term experience in the industry.

The regulations, theory training hours and on-the-job training hours are required and regulated by the Idaho Division of Building Safety.


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