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Cleaning Chemicals-Part 1 

This 10 hour course covers the safe use of common industrial chemicals used in a custodial setting.  It includes the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.  You will learn the basic chemistry of cleaning chemicals.  Learn the correct use of detergents, soaps, solvents, disinfectants and other industrial chemical applications.  Learn how chemicals are packaged, labeled, mixed, and applied in order to make working with chemicals safer for all employees and trainees.

Floors and Floor Care Equipment-Part 2

This 6 hour course is comprehensive and designed to enhance your understanding of the various types of chemicals, safe practices, and federal guidelines regarding their use.  You will learn how chemicals are properly used to clean, disinfect, and/or polish a variety of surfaces.  In addition, you will learn how to properly label and discern vital information about chemicals provided by the manufacturers and distributors of cleaning chemicals.  Perfect for a janitorial new-comer and great for existing janitorial professionals.

Maintaining Floors and Other Surfaces-Part 3

This 6 hour course describes and demonstrates the tasks involved in the routine daily maintenance of floors in public and professional buildings.  You will learn the types of floor coatings and the proper use of each.  We will explain periodic floor care tasks step-by-step, and describe the particular methods used on the various floors and floor coverings found in schools, churches, hospitals and all public and private commercial structures.  You will learn to troubleshoot and solve common problems found in floor care.  We will also cover the cleaning of walls, windows, furniture and other above-the-floor surfaces.  Perfect for a janitorial new-comer and great for existing janitorial professionals.


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