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If you are a business owner of if you are responsible for maintaining the accounting records of a  business, this 3 hour session is perfect for you.  You will get an understanding of how to maintain a proper accounting system and why it is crucial.  In this beginners class, you will learn the basics of accounting.  We will pull back the bookkeeping curtain by going behind the procedures that accounting software’s like quickbooks can automate.  By understanding this information, you will gain a better understanding of how to make entries, what they mean, where the information goes, what accounting information is available, where to locate it and what it is used for.


In this 3 hour sequel to Part I, you will learn how to create, read and interpret financial information available from your accounting system that is crucial to making good business decisions.  This advanced session will help business owners and office personnel go beyond bookkeeping, and to understand the accounting process and how information flows through it.  Learn the reports that are available and how to interpret them.  We will review the basic types of accounting available, the financial statements and generally accepted accounting principles and how to create a budget.

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