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Customer Service Series Great Course for Customized Training!


Module 1 will be a complete overview of the series describing what will be covered and identifying the instructor's personal experiences in Customer Service. Students will be able to share some of their experiences as well. Students will evaluate their reasons and goals for taking the course and an open discussion will take place. Module 2 will move in to Customer Service definitions such as internal and external customers, customer service levels and what they mean to you and your customers.


Module 3 will explore the vast topic of perception and how it can impact your customer in positive and negative ways. You will explore methods of establishing and sustaining a positive perception in all business environments. Learn the cost of a "bad day." Learn why customers leave and do not come back and how to avoid costly, but common mistakes that cause customers to do business elsewhere. Module 4 will continue on the path of creating a positive business image and methods of evaluating your image and how customer view you in the marketplace.


Module 5 is about the "nuts and bolts" of providing good customer service, the do's and the don'ts including language issues, listening skills, body language and more. Module 6 will jump into the skills of communication. Learn face to face communication and effective telephone technique. Learn proven methods of transferring and putting customers on hold.


Module 7 explores reasons that customers get angry. You'll learn effective strategies for dealing with angry customers and how to calm them down. Learn to use calming phrases instead of trigger phrases and more. Module 8 is a review of the series and will provide you with a checklist to sustain the skills you have learned and to help your entire organization become a team of Customer Service Heros. 

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