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Excel for Beginners

This three hour course is designed for students who have never used Excel. The pace of this session makes it easy for beginners to keep up. You will learn just the basics of creating a worksheet, selecting cells and typing in data among a few other basic tasks. We have found that some students who enroll in Excel 2013 the Basics have trouble keeping up with the goals of that course, so we designed this one to be slow paced for the Excel beginner. Once you complete this course, and you are ready for more, the Excel 2013 The Basics and Beyond the Basics courses will be ready for you.

Excel the Basics

Do you want to learn to compile data for quick results; build graphs, calendars, and charts; or track statistics for work, school, or church? This introduction to the Excel program will help you in these areas and more. During this course you will learn to create worksheets that perform simple calculations, and learn techniques to manipulate your data into a presentable format. 

Excel Beyond the Basics

Do you need to track sales? Does your company use spreadsheets for tracking inventory, personnel, and other important data? This course will help you build on your basic Excel skills. Learn to use formulas, multiple worksheets, and insert charts and graphs. In this course you will learn to create multiple pages of interlink­ing data, and how to use formulas for increased proficiency. You will also learn how to integrate Excel with Word, Access, and PowerPoint, and much more.  


Excel Advance

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to effectively use advanced Excel Features? In this information packed class, you'll learn how to maximize this program's functions and capabilities, such as using and modifying Workbook Templates. You will get hands-on training on importing and sorting data using the AutoFilter tool and use a Data Form to Manage Data. You will create and edit Reports and Charts using PivotTables. This Excel class gives you the skills you need to impress your current or future employer.

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