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Adobe Illustrator

Vectorization techniques greatly benefit designers who need to rebuild a logo or create one from scratch with the highest quality possible. Vector painting is an illustrative technique where you take a source image and create a "painting" in illustrator. It looks very impressive but is really very easy, and you can get as detailed or stay as loose as you want. This series will benefit both designers and artists.

Adobe Illustrator Part 1

Part one deals with seeing the big picture. Learn the intro to the pasteboard, workspace and tool palettes. You'll learn the layers and an orientation on color gamuts, basic typography (including the one rule), form, contrast and balance. 

Adobe Illustrator Part 2

Part 2 deals with getting on the right vector. The pen tool is not only mightier than the sword, it is mightier that the pen. You'll be off and running right away with basic vectorization, shapes and pathfinding. 

Adobe Illustrator 3

Learn about Happy Little Trees and paint by numbers! Take your art and illustrations to the next level with vector painting. Learn how to  vectorize logos, illustrations and more - from any source or none! 

Adobe Illustrator Part 4

Part four is all about taking it to the streets. Learn advanced vectorization, manipulation, and getting the best print possible. We'll focus on output issues that affect artists. PLUS: the number one secret to great art.


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