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Computer Essentials: Things To Know Before You Get Started

Inexperience with a computer is not an indication of your intelligence. Take the fear and intimidation out of using your computer. This evening class is designed for those who own a computer, but feel fearful and intimidated when they turn it on. You will learn the basics in computer terminology, methods, and tools. Learn the basic components of your system and their functions. Learn how to use your CD drive and how to open programs and attachments. You will explore this amazing device with the guidance of an experienced user. This course is rewarding, useful, and fun. 

Computer Essentials

This 2 hour afternoon class is designed for those who have little to no experience with computers.  Take the mystery out of using a computer by learning about its basic components, functions and terminology.  Learn basic applications and their uses, how to open and use files, programs and flash drives as well as other forms of storage media.  Learn to connect with this amazing device while in a relaxed setting while being guided by an experienced computer instructor.

Basic Computer Functions

Enhance your computer knowledge from the afternoon Computer Essentials class.  Computers are advanced pieces of hardware and software that can be used to connect with others through the World Wide Web, store data in the form of files, pictures, or even music.  Learn to run various applications and programs.  In this class you will learn how to file and organize documents, use Google to search for various forms of information, and how to update your computer and keep it safe with antivirus apps.  This 2 hour class is an enjoyable way to learn the computer to save you time and hassle at work.  The instructor is very experienced and will be able to answer your basic computer question.

My Computer: Finding My Way Around

Build on your knowledge from the evening Computer Essentials class.  Computers are large digital information storage systems.  This class will teach you how to file documents, how to put a shortcut on your desktop, and how to clean and maintain your desktop. Learn how to search your computer for files you have lost.  Learn how to use search engines like your Microsoft search function and Google.  This course will teach you how to store information by creating and managing folders and how to manage messages in your email in-box.  If you can do these functions, you will have more fun and save time using your computer.

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