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InDesign CS 5.5 Session 1

Seeing the big picture. An introduction to the pasteboard, workspace, tool palettes, layers, pages, master pages, styles, and an orientation on color gamuts, basic typography, form and the grid layout.  

InDesign CS 5.5 Session 2

Getting on the grid. You'll build a complete document from start to finish. We'll focus on grid page layout, typographic setting, illustration, working with images, strokes, links and glyphs. 

InDesign CS 5.5 Session 3

We got style! Utilize the full power of typographic, paragraph and image styles in multi-page document creation. We'll cover master pages, text automation, and other time saving techniques. 

InDesign CS 5.5 Session 4

Taking it to the streets. Introduction to pre-press, pre-flighting, separation, packaging and output issues. We'll review the most important principles and the number one secret to great layouts.

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