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Micrsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Basics Part 1 

This night class will give you an introduction to the creative power of PowerPoint. Learn to create a blank presentation, create an outline, add graphics and develop placement. Learn to change slide views and add formatted text. Add sounds and animation. Create attractive slide transitions, and learn to save your presentation as a slide show. PowerPoint is probably already on your computer. Why not learn to take advantage of its powerful capabilities? 

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Basics Part 2 

Part two will give a brief review of part one and then take you to the next level. Learn to add more graphics like lines, arrows, AutoShaper and more. Learn great looking effects like shadows and 3-D shapes. Learn about picture sources and how to save them to your computer. Learn how to edit sounds using free programs. You will then create a complete slide show of your own from scratch. Once you've complete both classes, you will be able to create professional presentations for any purpose.

Microsfot PowerPoint 2013 Afternoon

Use PowerPoint to create slide shows to present ideas, explain a concept or teach a class.  Learn to create slide shows; add text, tables, charts, video clips, and pictures.  Learn how to add special effects, including animations, sound effects and transitions to make your slide show lively and engaging. This class intends to make you familiar with the basic to create a professional and captivating PowerPoint presentation.



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