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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2010 Part 1

Do you find Microsoft Word 2010 challenging?  We can help!  This class will sharpen your skills and build your resume while teaching you Word 2010.  This class teaches the basics of Microsoft Word 2010.  We will cover headers and footers, word art, text boxes, signature lines, spacing, page styles, layouts and much more.  Some keyboarding experience is helpful.

Microsoft Word 2010 Part 2

Word 2010 is loaded with bells and whistles to make your job easier and your time more efficient. This class is not for the beginner. You will cover importing and exporting documents, shapes, and pictures. You will learn how to use tables, hyperlinks, watermarks, endnotes, mail merge and much more while expanding your knowledge of the 2010 format.  

Microsoft Word 2010 Part 3

This extended Word class will cover the use of rulers and style sheets. Learn to use the power of mail merge and how to use fill in boxes. Word is a very powerful program and this session will help you tap into that power. 


Microsoft Word 2013 Mail Merge

In this course, you'll learn how to use Word 2013 to create a mail merge document.  Students will understand how to use Word more efficiently by automating some tasks and creating complex documents that include lists, tables, and then merge data to personalize correspondence and labels. Become comfortable using the Mail Merge Features to merge envelopes and labels, and create a data source using Word or Excel.


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