Workforce Training


QuickBooks Pro 2013- Part 1

Getting Started: In this class you will learn the basics of getting started with QuickBooks. You will learn how to set up a company, navi­gate menu bars, work with lists, chart of accounts, and set up bank accounts.  

QuickBooks Pro 2013 - Part 2

Accounts payable, receivable, and other essential business elements: This is an intermediate workshop for learning the basic setup of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and journal entries along with other essential bookkeeping elements for small business. 

QuickBooks Pro 2013 - Part 3

Reports, budgeting, payroll, and analization: This class is not for the beginner. You will learn how the information you enter flows into other parts of QuickBooks. You will learn what reports are available, how to read and interpret data, budgeting, basic payroll, and analyzing your financials.


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