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Social Media Marketing

Part One - Facebook 

Simultaneously the most eclectic, biggest and the most frustrating social media marketing hub, Facebook seems easy to use, but it can be difficult to consistently reach prospects. I’ll walk you through establishing a solid presence and show you how to gain support and grow your influence. Learn best practices for image sizes, article intros,  and cross-pollenation.

Part Two - Twitter

Change your world 140 characters at a time! Learn how Twitter can be a powerful inbound marketing tool as well as a strong tool for outbound marketing. We’ll cover best practices for social interaction and building your tribe of followers. Learn who to follow and why, how to craft 140 character posts like a pro, effective hashtags, crosslinks, retweets, and more.

Part Three - LinkedIn

Start beating your own drum with social business marketing tools from LinkedIn. We’ll cover the basics from establishing a profile to building connections with all kinds of people from colleagues and prospects to potential employees and employers. We’ll also cover best practices in tribe-building, interpersonal marketing, groups and recommendations.

Part Four - Pinterest

Pinterest is fast emerging as a powerful social media marketing tool for business. Learn how to leverage multi-subject enthusiasm as a way to drive traffic to your website and promote your business. We’ll talk best practices and look at specific examples of how saavy businesses are taking advantage of remarkability and shareability to expand their inbound marketing.

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