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Vehicle Stability and Control Training (VSC)

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The first step in crash prevention is to effectively manage the one thing you have complete control over … your own vehicle.

Vehicle Stability and Control (VSC) training addresses the knowledge and skills necessary for drivers to maintain control of their own vehicle, in any roadway condition. Drivers who have the ability to maintain control of their own vehicle, under any conditions, greatly decreases the probability of being involved in a crash.

In the state of Idaho, loss of vehicle control, resulting in lane departure, is one of the primary crash causes, resulting in serious injury and death (Idaho Transportation Department).

Collision Prevention Training

The Driver Development Center at LCSC Workforce Training was established in 2010 and has trained teen drivers, families, private companies and federal, state, county and local government employees. We have trained drivers from as far away as Spokane WA and Montana. We provide continued driver development training beyond traditional driver education and the individual’s experience.

Continued driver development training is not necessarily the improvement of a driver’s physical skills, but is focused on the mental aspects of safe driving and crash prevention. Those mental aspects include driver responsibility, use of eyes to observe the driving environment, using proper driving strategies, techniques and the knowledge of how and why loss of vehicle control occurs. Motor vehicle safety is a thought process of eliminating risk, and proper training is a key component to reducing that risk.

Today, individuals, families, businesses and government agencies are taking steps to reduce risk through continued education. They are training in our Vehicle Stability and Control training program.

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