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What is a CNA?

Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) are not licensed in the State of Idaho. Therefore, there are no rules governing the scope of practice for CNAs.  CNAs are referred to as Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) in the Board of Nursing administrative rules.  CNAs typically work under the direction of a licensed nurse.  The Idaho Board of Nursing does have rules concerning a licensed nurse delegating nursing functions to the UAP. To view the specific portion of the Board of Nursing rules dealing with Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP), please see pages 40 and 41, IDAPA at IDAPA More information can be found online at

How long is the CNA course?

CNA classes must be a minimum of 120 hours.  This includes 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical instruction. Our course at LCSC is approximately 3 months.

How much does this course cost?

Students planning to enroll in the course will need to pay the registration fee of $765 when they register. There are additional fees associated with this course.

What additional course fees can I expect?

Additional fees for the CNA course include but are not limited to a background check, scrubs, appropriate shoes, gait belt, immunizations, textbook and CNA testing fees.

How do I register for a CNA course?

Students can register online, call Workforce Training at 208-792-2388 or stop by our office and register in person.

Where can I get the required immunizations for my class?

You should check with previous schools, childcare providers or medical facilities you attended that may still have your records on file to avoid duplicate immunizations. If needed you can obtain many of the required immunizations from your medical provider, public health, LCSC student Health Services, local pharmacies and other medical facilities of your choosing. 

How do I get the CPR certification that is required for this course?

Healthcare Provider CPR is required for students and a class is provided at no additional charge. Upon completion of your registration, you will be contacted by our office with the date of your CPR class and additional course requirements.

Where is the course held and how often will my class meet?

Our CNA courses are held on the LCSC campus. Currently all of our CNA courses are offered in a hybrid format where students attend live classes once a week and also complete coursework online outside of the classroom.

What exams do CNAs need to take?

CNA students need to take both a skill and a written exam after successfully completing the CNA course. Students must sign up and pass their skills exam with LCSC Workforce Training prior to registering for the written exam. Students register for the written exam through the LCSC Testing Center at 208-792-2100.

Who do I contact if I am a CNA in another state and want to transfer to Idaho?

You can contact the Idaho Nursing Aide Registry at 1-800-748-2480 if you have questions about transferring to Idaho.


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