Workforce Training

Options to Fulfill BSN Entry Requirements

  ChallengeSkills Only TrainingTraditional CNA

Those who feel they can challenge and pass skill test and are a certified provider in another medical field (i.e. Medical Assistant, EMT, Paramedic, Respiratory Therapist, Military Medic or Corpsman)


Medical background required


*One time only  

Those who do not meet Challenge requirements and are not certified as a CNA. 




Those who choose to work as a CNA during or through their BSN education







$695 with minimum of 3 students

Price will increase with fewer than 3 students

$765 On Line/On Campus

(HCP CPR included)

 Additional fees apply

WHAT: Independent study based on prior knowledge  36 hours of skill training to meet basic entry level nursing skills  Knowledge content and skills training 

Skills test based on standardized list

1 attempt to pass 

Skills test based on standardized list

2 attempts to pass test


Skills testing based on standardized scenario & written test

3 attempts to pass test
BOOK: Optional  Optional Required 

Title:        Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving 4th Edition

ISBN:       9781604250619

Author:  Dugan

Additional Information:


Neither the Challenge nor the Skills Only Training class qualify the student for the CNA state registry or eligibility to be titled or work as a certified nursing assistant.


*The challenge option is one time only per student. 


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