Workforce Training


Lewis-Clark State College will receive $2,250 for fall and $2,250 for spring. Awards may be distributed in part or in full to more than one student each term. Funds will be sent to LCSC, not directly to the recipient.

Eligibility Requirements: The applicant must be currently enrolled in the Lewis-Clark State College Phlebotomy program and plan to work in the field of Phlebotomy. Scholarship recipients will be required to visit an Inland Northwest Blood Center location for one day to learn about blood banking and transfusion medicine.

Application for Fall 2018 are due by 4pm on August 1, 2018. Awards will be made by August 14, 2018. Students must register in the class that begins September 5, 2018.

Applications for Spring 2019 are due by 4pm on January 4, 2019. Awards will be made by January 14, 2019. Students must register in the class that begins February 6, 2019.

Scholarship applications can be submitted by email, hand delivered or mailed to LCSC Workforce Training 1920 3rd Ave N Lewiston, Idaho 83501.