Nursing & Health Sciences

Gonzaga University Transfer Guide

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Nursing & Health Sciences Nursing Programs
Prerequisite Courses*

This information is subject to change. Please confirm with an NHS advisor.




Gonzaga University Class


Biol 250 – Microbiology


BIOL 170 Introduction to Microbiology

BIOL 170L Intro to Microbiology Lab


BIOL 227 Anatomy & Physiology I


HPHY 241 Human Anat & Physiology

HPHY 241L Human Anat & Physiology


BIOL 228 Anatomy & Physiology II


HPHY 242 Human Anat & Physiology II

HPHY 242L Human Anat & Physiology Lab II


BIOL 312 Pathophysiology


Only offered as part of their nursing program


CHEM 105 General, Organic & Biochem


CHEM 230 Organic Chemistry (Not a direct equivalent, but will meet the requirement)


HLTH 253 Nutrition


EDPE 224 Nutrition for Health & Fitness


Math 153 or

PSYC 300 Statistical Methods


NURS 320 Stats for Health Professions

*Some Programs will not need all courses.


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