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Teepees On Campus

Do I need to have the students complete a Release of Liability form for a class field trip?

If the trip is mandatory for class completion, the Release of Liability form need not be completed. If the trip is voluntary, each student is required to complete and sign an Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form as a condition of participation.   If any participant is under the age of 18, the participant’s parent or legal guardian must also sign the form. The faculty member should collect all signed forms and retain them for a minimum of two years after the excursion.

Can I organize car pools to transport the students?

When possible, a college owned vehicle should be the first choice for transporting students.  

When privately owned vehicles are used, each owner must be aware that (s)he is personally liable for the safety and wellbeing of the passengers, and the owner’s insurance will be the primary coverage in the event of an accident.

Faculty should not organize car pools or assign students to ride in any particular privately owned vehicles.  Instead, faculty should inform the students of the time when they are to meet at the trip’s destination, and should meet students there.