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Injury on Campus

Prompt Incident/Accident Reporting

Administrative Services needs all LCSC departments to report any incident or accident, whether it is for automobile, property or liability to our office within 24 hours, wherever possible and no later than 48 hours. That way, we can take the necessary steps to process any applicable insurance forms to our State Insurance Administrator.

Please do not wait to report an incident or accident until you have all available information or for the receipt of repair or replacement cost estimates on property. Send your report with the available information you have upon your first notice. We can follow up on the needed additional information or property cost estimates after we receive the incident or accident report.

LCSC Incident or Accident Reporting

LCSC's departments need to report all incident(s) or accident(s), which cause or could cause injury or property damage.

Departments need to complete the Accident Loss Safety Report and forward it to Theresa Chrisman in Administrative Services, by email or campus mail. 

Notice of Disclaimer
Although significant efforts have been made to ensure that the information and recommendations contained in this website are accurate, since insurance coverage and risk management procedures may change, no warranty or guarantee can be made by the Administrative Services office that all the information herein is current. Please contact our office directly to confirm the current content of this website information.