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Non-Degree Seeking Students We're happy you're here!

Do you want to acquire training or skills for your job? Do you want to transfer credits to another institution? Maybe you just want to have fun or try something new. Whatever your reason, we are happy to have you join us at LCSC. Applying is easy, and it’s free!


How to Apply

1. Understand the Admission Standards

Students who do not wish to apply as a degree-seeking student may apply as a non-degree seeking student:

  1. Students are limited to enrolling in 11 credits or fewer each term, up to a maximum of 30 credits.
  2. Students are not eligible for financial aid or veteran benefits.
  3. Idaho residents age 60 and over can take classes for a reduced fee.

If students are taking courses to fulfill requirements at another school, please check to see if the course you wish to take has a pre-requisite. If it does and that pre-requisite is completed at your current school, LCSC will need an unofficial transcript to allow you to register for the course.

2. Apply


The online application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and is free to submit.


Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted everything, now what?

You will receive notification of your admission status and instructions on what to do next via e-mail as soon as we receive all admission documents from you.

How soon after I apply will I hear if I have been accepted?

Decisions on completed applications are made on a rolling basis. Normally, this process takes about one to two business days for Non-Degree Seeking applicants. You should receive an e-mail with instructions on what to do next.

How do I register for class(es)?

Once you have been admitted, you can register during open registration as long as you have met the pre-requisites for the course(s) in which you wish to enroll. You are not required to attend a STAR (Student Advising and Registration) session, though you are more than welcome to do so.

Please contact Career & Advising Services at (208) 792-2313 if you have advising questions or would like to schedule a STAR session.

Your next step is to enroll in classes through WarriorWeb. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Call the Registrar’s Office at 208.792.2223 to activate your non-degree program.
  2. Visit to log into WarriorWeb. 
  3. Click on the Students menu.
  4. Under Registration/Student Planning, click on DO THIS FIRST: Conditions of Registration.
  5. For instructions on how to register for classes using Student Planning, go to

If you experience technical difficulty (logins, passwords, etc.) contact the Helpdesk at (208) 792-2231. If you have concerns regarding content (credits, courses, etc.), contact the Registrar and Records Office at or (208) 792-2223.

How long is my program status active as a non-degree seeking student?

Your program status will remain active for two years. If you are inactive for more than four semesters, you will need to submit a new application.

I have some questions that are very specific to me and my application. Who should I reach out to?

If you have questions that are specific to you and your application to LCSC, please contact the Admissions Office at or (208) 792-2210 or (208) 792-2378 or directly from Meet the Admissions Specialists page.


- Fall Semester August 8
- Spring Semester January 8

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