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LCSC Alumni Association

As part of the LCSC Family you are the roots of our institution - our rich history, spirit and traditions. The LCSC College Alumni and Friends Homepage is specifically designed with you in mind.

What we do...

The purpose of the LCSC Alumni Association is to provide a means through which alumni and the College can interact with and serve each other. Our intent is to ensure the continued excellence of LCSC and to enhance the pride and loyalty of its alumni.

The Alumni Board of Directors, led by the president and executive officers, oversees the activities, direction and programs of the Alumni Association. The Association is supported and managed by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Official Alumni Logo in blue

About The LCSC Alumni Association

The LCSC Alumni Association was founded as an independent nonprofit organization April 14, 1977. It was established by a group of alumni who wanted to assure continued relationships between the College and its graduates. The Alumni Association was also designed to promote the role and mission of the College, and to preserve and strengthen the traditions of the College. 

The Alumni Association is indebted to this group of alumni, the original Board of Directors of the Alumni Association who founded the Association and persevered to create the organization that continues today: Dwight W. Barton, Gerald Bateman, Quentin R. Vaughn, Frances M. Rader, Eleanor F. Perry, Irene W. Vite and Dennis W. Ohrtmann.

Members of the LCSC Alumni Association include all graduates of the College and those persons who have completed 24 credits at the college under any of its names (LSNS, LCNS, NICE, LCSC). Members are invited and encouraged to be actively involved with the Alumni Association. Please join us!