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Packaging Design

The Packaging Design program prepares students for positions in the packaging industry. With a primary focus on corrugated and paperboard packaging, students will learn the essentials of the packaging production and printing processes utilizing software and equipment specific to the industry. Using packaging CAD software, students will learn to design standard and custom structures, apply graphics created in Adobe Creative Cloud programs, and produce 3D visualizations. Students will learn to create working prototypes of their designs using a Kongsberg sample table. Packaging Design students gain foundational knowledge to prepare them for positions like those listed below.

Upon completion of the Packaging Design program, students will:

  • Use industry standard software to create graphics for packaging and displays
  • Use industry standard software to create structural CAD designs for packaging
  • Understand production methods for various packaging materials
  • Identify common packaging materials, structures, and styles
  • Identify proper packaging specifications to meet product life cycle demands
  • Create files for and output to printing and sample-making machines

Potential Career Titles:

  • Structural Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Sales Representative
  • Quality Assurance Director
  • Production Personnel

Our partnership with the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation assists students in locating internship and employment opportunities.

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