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Paramedic in cooperation with Workforce Training

The Paramedic AAS degree program at Lewis-Clark State College is offered for paramedics who have taken and completed the paramedic certification core (through LCSC's Workforce Training Program, or have completed the National Registry licensure) and PARMD 175: Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics.

Forty-seven (47) credits are granted by registering for PARMD 100 (and PARMD 175 if not already taken) after all training courses have been completed and verified by LCSC. The cost of converting these 47 credits is $470 ($10/credit transcription fee). Thereafter, students must complete 15 credits of general education core courses to complete the AAS, and an additional 60 credits of general education core and upper division elective courses to complete the BAS.

The division does not offer any of the required EMT certifications or related coursework. Rather the division operates as a home to the opportunity to translate documented training and certification into degree programs. Program advising centers around general education and bulk credit transfer procedure.