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Photo of 2019 Winners by Lucidity Photography

Dogwood Show & Shine

                                                                                              Photo Credit: Lucidity Photography


LCSC Campus 4th Street parking lots between 9th and 11th Avenue

Dogwood Show & Shine is an official event of the Dogwood Festival. This event is held annually and takes place at Art Under the Elms. Registration is $15.00 and admission is free. The event runs from 10AM - 3:30PM and check in starts at 8am and ends at 10AM. You can register ahead of time at the Center for Arts & History 2nd floor Dogwood Office or in person on the day of the show.

Four Judges Choice Ribbons will be awarded. A Sponsors Choice $225 prize will be awarded in the Car, Truck and Motorcycle categories. The Sponsor Choice winners will appear on the 2020 Show & Shine Dash Plaque and on the website.  


 2019 Car Winner

James P. Petrie


Judges' Choice Award 

2019 Truck Winners

Cary G. Newman:

Judges' Choice Award.

Norris Irish

 Judges' Choice Award





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