Communication Arts Degrees

Communications is an academic discipline that studies all forms of human communication and encompasses a broad range of communicative skills that are important for success in any career or activity.

A number of graduates of Communication Arts have gone on to graduate and professional schools. The degree is designed to give students an understanding of communication in a variety of contexts (e.g., interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, political and mass communication) as well as prepare them to be effective and well-rounded communicators.

  • What can I do with a Communication Arts Degree?
    College Alumni Affairs
    Conflict Negotiation
    Corporate Public Affairs
    Customer Service
    Government Campaigning
    Grant Writing
    Human Resources
    Labor Relations
    Legislative Assistance
    Media Analysis/Planning
    Nonprofit Administration
    Office Management
    Program Coordination
    Public Relations
    Public Opinion Research
    Student Affairs
    Student Support Services
    Writing/ Editing

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