Senior Research Symposium in Coeur d'Alene

The mission of LC State's Research Symposium is to celebrate academic achievement, enhance professional development, and promote scholarship and research excellence by students presenting the results of their senior research projects with fellow students, faculty and guests.

This event is held towards the end of the spring semester.

Business Division

Jamie Boothe, Joseph Sellers, Gabriel Buehler, Justin Budge-Navigation into the Unknown: Boeing's Journey from the Red.

Brenda Cline, Matt Baker, Jessica Coleman, Peggy Gunther-Boeing 2020: Adapting to the Pandemic.

Justice Studies

Brooke Eaton-The Relationship Between Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency.

Bailie Walker-Recidivism: Causes and Solutions.

Social Sciences

Kayla Osborne-Mothers' Emotional Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Justine Peguero-Juvenile Delinquency Predictors and preventions.