Coeur d'Alene

Symposium Presentation

Senior Symposium in Coeur d'Alene

 2020 LCSC-Coeur d'Alene Senior Research Symposium

This event was held as a virtual event on Friday, May 1st via Blackboard Collaborate.  


2020 Symposium: Top Projects


Jamie Boothe, Joseph Sellers, Gabriel Buehler, Justin Budge:  Navigation into the Unknown: Boeing's Jouney from the Red.

Brenda Cline, Matt Baker, Jessica Coleman, Peggy Gunther:   Boeing: 2020 Adapting to the Pandemic.

Justice Studies:

 Brooke Eaton:  The Relationship Between Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency.

Bailie Walker:  Recidivsm: Causes and Solutions.

Social Sciences: 

Kayla Osborne:  Mothers' Emotional Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Justine Peguero:  Juvenile Delinquency Predictors and Preventions.