After you have applied and been accepted to LC State, the next step is to set-up your student accounts.

  • Log into WarriorWeb. Your acceptance letter will give you information about your user ID and password.
  • This is where you will access all your student information including financial aid, registering for classes, contact information, student accounts, etc.
  • If you need help using WarriorWeb, please contact student services or the IT HelpDesk.

  • Log into LCMail.
  • Check this e-mail often or even forward it to an e-mail you regularly check.  Any official college business will be sent to, and must come from your LC-Mail account. You will miss important deadlines and information if you fail to check your LCMail.
  • All student email, from the time of acceptance, is sent to this email address.
  • LCMail addresses are formatted as [email protected] The username for LCMail is the same as WarriorWeb. Not sure what your username is? Click the "What's my User ID" link at the bottom of the WarriorWeb page.
  • The default password for LCMail is the eight digits of your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy). If the eight digits do not work, please try the six (mm/dd/yy) as your account may have been created prior to the switchover to eight-digit passwords.  After you first log in, you will be prompted to change your password.  Don't forget to write down your password.  If, however, you forget, please contact the IT HelpDesk.

This is how you will access your course information

  • Students will need to login into their canvas account for online and live courses throughout their student career.
  • Logging in:
    • Username: Your WarriorWeb ID, which is typically the first part of your LCMail (Example: bbwarrior)

      Don't know what your Canvas username is?
      Go to WarriorWeb and follow the "What's my User ID?" process.

    • Password: The first time you log in to Canvas, you will need to request the password be reset.

      • Use the "Forgot Password?" link on the LCSC Canvas login page to set up your password.

      • Enter your username when prompted in the field.
      • Check your LCMail and follow the instructions in the email to set your password. (It may take 30 minutes to receive this email and it may file into junk or clutter, so check all places.)
      • After 30 minutes, you haven't received an email from Canvas (Instructure), please reach out to Canvas by clicking the "Help" button on the main log in page, or by calling the Canvas Support Hotline at 866-691-2781.