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Your on-line access to the electronic document repository; WebNow!



Imaging, in its most basic form, is simply creating an electronic version of a piece of paper and storing it on a computer. This is accomplished by using a scanner to take a picture of the document and convert it into a format that can be manipulated on a computer.

WebNow allows you to take advantage of the functionality of a electronic document repository via the internet and a standard browser. So you can access your documents even if the software is not installed on your workstation.

To login to WebNow go to:  Use your regular network login and password and bookmark the WebNow site so you can return to it easily later. There are limited seats in WebNow so be sure to logout after approving invoices or retrieving documents to allow other campus users access to the system.

Don't have access? Have your department head send an email to the Controller's Office to authorize.

Learn More about the Documents available in WebNow: