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Lewis-Clark State College employees are required to use the most economical and practical means of transportation available while on official College business. Reimbursement for travel by commercial transportation shall be limited to the lowest cost means of travel unless impractical or not available.

 Airline tickets can be purchased for LCSC employees utilizing several payment options:

          * Employee payment with subsequent reimbursement.  

          * P-Card payment.

          * Direct bill to LCSC.  

Employee payment with subsequent reimbursement
In finding the most economical airfare, an employee may choose to pay for airfare with personal funds and request reimbursement on the Travel Authorization Request. By attaching proof of payment and completing blocks 7 and 8 on the Travel Authorization Request, “reimbursement” can occur prior to the date of travel. 

P-Card Payment
Payment of airline tickets is an allowable P-Card expense. Reference payment method on Travel Authorization Request and Expense Claim forms. Attach a copy of the airfare charge documentation to the travel Expense Claim form. Refer to the Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure Manual for additional P-Card procedures.

 Direct Bill to LCSC
Prior to charging airline tickets on behalf of full-time employees, the traveler or designated departmental personnel must contact the Controller’s Office and provide the following information:

 1.  Name of the employee traveling.

 2.  Travel destination.

 3.   Date of travel.

 4.   Name of travel agency.

 5.   CostCenter (account number) to be charged.

 Upon submission of the above information a travel order number will be released.  One travel order number must be obtained for each airline ticket ordered. The travel order number provides for airline ticket identification and should not be construed as providing travel authorization.  Evidence of travel authorization is not required to obtain a travel order number. Charging an airline ticket without a travel order number is prohibited and will be considered a personal transaction between the employee and the travel agency.  

Members of the campus community that are not full-time employees must follow Purchasing Department regulations to acquire airline tickets.

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