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Our top ten most frequently asked travel questions: 

When can I pickup my travel advance?
As of July 1, 2015, travel advances will only be released via direct deposit. If the employee elects to sign up for direct deposit the advance is submitted to their bank up to one week in advance of their travel date. 

How do I calculate the number of miles to my destination?
Mileage is calculated utilizing official state highway maps or the Standard Travel Mileage Chart. The Mapquest website is another valuable tool to calculate mileage. There are several standard mileage rates, check the travel form for more details. 

What travel agencies will accept a direct bill request from LCSC?
Map Travel and Global Travel will direct bill the College using a travel order number for full time employees or a Purchase Order number for non-employees.

Why is there a ticket fee charged to my airline ticket?
Airline companies eliminated commissions to travel agencies in 2002. With the elimination, most travel agencies charge a ticket fee to offset their administrative service costs. The fees generally range from $30 to $50 per airline ticket. 

If I already paid one ticket fee will I be charged another fee for a cancelation or on a reissued ticket?
Yes, any change made to an existing airline ticket will result in an additional travel agency fee. Be sure to account for these fees on your travel request. 

Do I have to fill out the travel Expense Claim if my trip is canceled?
If any costs were incurred on a canceled trip, the travel Expense Claim needs to be completed. Any nonrefundable expenses such as airfare or registration fees need to be listed on the travel Expense Claim. All travel advance funds need to be returned immediately to the Controller’s Office. 

How many travel advances can I have out at one time?
In the event that several trips occur within a very short period of time, two travel advances may be released before the initial travel Expense Claim is submitted. 

How soon do I need to submit the travel Expense Claim to support my travel expenses?
Requests for travel reimbursement, where no advance was involved, must be submitted to the Controller’s Office within 30 days following the completion of the official travel. When an advance was issued, the signed travel Expense Claim, the receipts and any other substantiation must be submitted to the Controller’s Office no later than 14 calendar days after returning from a trip.  

What should I do if I don’t end up spending the amount of the travel advance?
If the travel advance exceeds the actual expenses substantiated, the Controller’s Office will notify the traveler of the amount to be returned to the College. The traveler must pay the balance at the cashier’s window within 30 days of notification. 

What is the out of state meal per diem rate if I can’t find the destination city on the federal website?
If the city is not listed on the federal website the meal per diem is $55 per day