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Mileage Policy

As of June 30, 2010, the LCSC Motor Pool program was discontinued.

Rental Vehicles
When traveling by vehicle, employees are generally expected to use a rental car through one of the College’s primary state contract vendors (Enterprise or Hertz)* when the rental car results in the lowest cost compared to mileage reimbursement. More information on State agreements can be found at

  • Contact the Controller's Office at X2206 for a ticket number for the direct bill.
  • Travelers are recommended to decline the alternative rental car company’s Collision Damage Waiver, (CDW) insurance coverage.
  • All car rentals should be made in the name of the State of Idaho, and of the College.
  • The College pay for rental of up to a standard size vehicle. The incremental cost of renting a larger or specialized vehicle is the traveler’s responsibility, unless specifically approved and documented on the travel authorization form.

Personal Vehicles
Travelers are never required to use their privately owned vehicle for official travel. When an employee elects to use a privately owned automobile for official travel, the resulting mileage reimbursement will be calculated at the approved State of Idaho mileage rate. An employee of the College claiming mileage for travel in their own personal vehicle should travel by the shortest travel route. Mileage is calculated utilizing official state maps or charts. Refer to the standard mileage chart within the travel form.

  • Roundtrip mileage must exceed 10 miles to be reimbursed. When regular travel using a personal vehicle is a required part of one's job description, a monthly travel log with specified mileage and valid business purpose should be submitted for reimbursement. 
  • Each trip begins and ends at the traveler’s home or official station; whichever is shorter.
  • The mileage rate is intended to incorporate variable expenses related to automobile transportation.
  • Expenses associated with personal vehicle usage are not reimbursable.
  • The current mileage rate for personal vehicles approved by the State Board of Examiners is 57.5 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2020.


  •  State Travel Mileage Chart
  •  Mapquest 
  • Rand McNally
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    Here's a few more tips...

  • • Fuel purchases are included in mileage reimbursement and not separately reimbursable.

    • A van certification test needs to be completed prior to driving a 15 passenger van.

    • Refer to Policy 4.112 for use of College owned and College rented vehicles.