Casey Blamires

Casey Blamires, MS

Associate Professor, Web Design & Development

  • SGC 125A
  • Business Technology & Service Division
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Casey Blamires is the program director and advisor for the Web Design & Development program. He has been working on the web for over 20 years, having originally designed plugins for a retro gaming discussion board when he was young. He is a graduate of LCSC and Idaho State University. In his spare time, Casey likes to garden, play music, play games, cook, and watch too much streaming content online. He is fluent in English and mostly fluent in Spanish, and knows two or three words in German. Outside of the college, Casey is a web and app developer, practitioner of human resource development, and a technology consultant. He owns seven ukuleles. He wanted to buy an eighth, but elected not to. He is not ambidextrous, but wants to be. He has successfully eaten ramen with chopsticks. He plays Dungeons & Dragons whenever he can and writes a blog about it. He has never successfully done a pull-up. Like all normal people, Casey is afraid of heights.

Teaching Schedule - Fall 2020

CITPT 101 Intro to Web Design & Development Online
CITPT 175 Interactive Web Scripting Online
CITPT 180 Portfolio Design Online
CITPT 227 Web App Development Online
CS/CITPT 108 Intro to Computer Science Online